favourite beaches near chania

If you’re looking for the perfect beach day near Chania Town, look no further! In this blog post, we’ll share our favorite beaches in the area. From family-friendly spots to secluded romantic getaways, we’ve got you covered. So grab your sunscreen and your swimsuit and let’s hit the beach!


Seitan Limania – Stefanou Beach

Off all the beaches near Chania town, Stefanou beach is located in the most picturesque landscape of Seitan Limania, the area where the cliffs are protecting land from waves. Crystal clear water of the sandy beach is great for families with kids, as they can play in the sand and make sandcastles.

Chania town is approximately half an hour drive from this gorgeous beach, and it is easy to navigate through the peninsula, even for first-time visitors. Seeing these coves covered in pebbles and sand is worth a drive on a hot summer day.


Macherida Beach

Macherida beach is located less than 30 minutes from Chania town. This wild-looking beach is small and remote, with its rugged edges creating an interesting landscape. This beautiful wild nature is home to many animals, including water snakes, turtles, and seagulls.

Since the beach is hidden from the main road and far from downtown Chania, it attracts many nudists. The area is very quiet and ideal if you want to enjoy some alone time far from the city crowd.


Stavros Beach

Stavros beach is on the list of the most popular beaches in Chania, just half an hour drive northeast from Chania town. This sandy beach gained its popularity in the 70s after the scene from the famous movie Zorba the Greek (1964) was filmed here. The scene of Anthony Quinn dancing on the beach of Stavros was the best promotion that one beach can get.

If you are not driving you can also get to this beach by bus that leaves from Chania, or get a taxi that shouldn’t cost more than $20. Once you get there you will be amazed by the blue waters in front of your eyes.



This sandy beach is popular among families with kids and elderly tourists. Beaches in Chania are often stacked with resorts, and this beach is home to several international hotels and resorts because of its warm waters, yellow sand, and quiet charm.

Chania town is about 17 km from Marathi beach, and it takes just a little over 20 minutes to drive there. Stay here if you are traveling with family, and you can easily get to Chania old town for evening walks, dinner, or shopping.


Agioi Apostoloi

This beach is located only 3 km west of Chania. The beach has a large parking lot and it is easily accessible from the main road, and one of the closest to Chania town. It consists of two sandy coves guarded by the rocks on the side.

The water is shallow close to the shore and perfect for little kids to play around. All the facilities are available, including nearby restaurants, toilets, cafes, and busses. The beach has a lifeguard, and it is marked with a blue flag.

Nea Chora

Nea Chora is a sandy beach only one kilometer west of Chania. Closeness to Chania town is one of the advantages of this beach. The other advantages are that it is very well organized with numerous restaurants and cafes along its side.

You can walk to the beach from your downtown hotel, or take a quick bus ride. The beach is long and sandy with only a few rocks here and there. It is very good for families although it can get crowded in the high season.

Chrissi Akti

Chrissi Akti beach is located 10 minutes drive west of Chania. Its yellow sand and crystal blue waters are very inviting and you will wish to stay the entire day only on this beach. Umbrellas and sunbeds are available for rent, and a beach bar is close by.

If you walk from Chania town it is going to take you almost 40 minutes to get here. Although it is worth it, on a hot sunny day it is better to take a bus or a taxi ride. The beach has many water sports, and there are also lifeguards to keep an eye on everyone.

Stalos Beach

If one beach will remind you of the Caribbean it is Stalos beach, which is only 15 minutes drive west of Chania. Busses from Chania town leave regularly and you don’t need a car to get here.

Fans of Greek mythology will love the origin of the name of this beach. Stalos comes from Talos, the bronze giant that circled the island three times a day to protect it from all the enemies. Tell your kids to keep their eyes open as they might see him running fast through the beach.

Platanias Beach

The long and wide white sand beach where you can find a lot of beautiful and quiet places is located 12 km west of Chania. A drive from Chania town will take only 20 minutes and this will easily become your favorite place on the island once you visit it for the first time.

Platanias used to be a small village and for the last few decades, it has grown to become a small tourist city. You will find everything here, from taxi services, tours, restaurants, and cafes to family hotels and resorts.

Kalamaki Beach

Kalamaki beach is located just 6 km west of Chania, and it takes less than 15 minutes to drive there from Chania town. The shallow waters of this sandy beach attract mostly families with kids. The village of Galatas is nearby and you can get anything you need for a perfect beach day there.

The beach has umbrellas, sunbeds, showers, and lifeguards are on the watch. Be careful with rocks in the water as your kiddos might hit them if they are not careful. Although this long beach has many rock-free locations where you can relax and enjoy the sun.

Tersanas Beach

Most of the beaches in Chania are bigger than Tersanas. But this unique place is an amazing getaway from large beaches near Chania town. It is hidden in a natural cove and has incredibly clear water that you will enjoy swimming in.

You can walk to the village from the beach and enjoy lunch at a local restaurant. The beach is not very busy during weekdays, but sometimes on weekends, it gets more crowded.

Kalyves Beach

If you are looking for historically important beaches in Chania, this sandy beach is the right place for you. The area was inhabited since ancient times, and in the 13th century, it became home to fortress Castel Apicorno, which was destroyed by the pirate Barbarossa later on.

Kalyves Beach is located 19 km from Chania town, in a beautiful coastal village. A beautiful sandy beach with shallow water is ideal for children.

Loutraki Beach

Among the best beaches in Chania, Loutraki beach is about 16 km northeast of Chania town. It is a small beach but because of its postcard-like landscape, it is often too crowded. This should not discourage you from visiting it, but make sure to get there early in the morning.

Water is not as shallow as on other beaches, so be careful if you visit with kids. You will find water sports and several restaurants available on the beach.


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